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24 Tips When Selling Your Property

24 Things To Change To Help Sell Your Property

You’ve decided to sell your house and are excited to put it on the market, only to then be faced with a the biggest issue a vendor can face; the property is not selling. Here’s 25 tips on what we think you can chance to help you achieve that all important asking price.

  1. Asking Price

Price is the number 1 factor in houses not selling. Is your home overpriced? Has it been over valued? Get a second opinion from another agent to see what they think

  1. Lighting

First impressions count! Does your home let in natural light? If not, make sure your lights are on during viewings! A dark property can seem dull and a little uninviting.

  1. Estate Agent

With so many agents to choose from, trying to find the right estate agent can be difficult. An agent that isn’t proactive will really stall your sale. Do they advertise on all major portals? Do they provide you with regular feedback? Have they offered you advice on making the property more presentable for viewings?

  1. Kerb Appeal

Everyone talks about Kerb Appeal, but what does it really mean. Kerb appeal is how your property looks from outside! Does your property have Kerb Appeal? Does it stand out on the street? Remember, first impressions are key!

  1. Negotiation

Skilled negotiators are able to raise offers often by a few thousand pounds at a time. Make sure your agent has skilled negotiators who can rise to the challenge and exceed your expectations!

  1. House Viewings

Great, you’ve got a potential buyer through the door, make the most of it! Make sure your agent really sells the features of the property and doesn’t simply open the door and stand there!

  1. Neighbours

When families are looking to move, a questions that’s always asked is “what are the neighbours like?”. If your neighbours are a little noisy, maybe book viewings when you know the neighbours won’t be home. If you’ve got great neighbours then why not invite them around, this can always put buyers at ease!

  1. In a Chain?

If you’re in a chain, this can deter some buyers as they’re generally looking to buy something with as little hassle as possible. If you’re waiting to move, then you may have to wait for offers.

  1. Fragrance

A fresh fragrance in the air goes a long way! Plug in some air fresheners or use a spray before viewings. A fresh scent has a powerful effect!

  1. Too Personal

If you’ve made the decision to sell, then start to ‘depersonalise’ your property. Buyers want to visualise themselves living in the property but it’s hard to do with your personal photos on the wall. Allow the buyer to visualise what they would want to do to the property by allowing them to see a blank canvas.

  1. Cleanliness

This is often overlooked! Make sure your home is spotless, again this helps the buyer visualise themselves in the property a lot more!

  1. Catchment Areas

If your home is in a prime catchment area for primary and secondary schools, make sure your agent is heavily promoting this!

  1. Pets

If you have pets, they’re probably your pride and joy. However potential buyers may be put of if pets are running around, especially if there is pet hair and odour around the property. Bear this in mind prior to viewings!

  1. Clutter

Always clear your property free from clutter! It may seem obvious, but a cluttered property is one of the worst things a viewer can see.

  1. Availability

Buyers always want to view at different times. Make sure your agent has the resources to carry out ‘around the clock’ viewings. Also ensure you can be available if you’re still living there, or provide your agent with a key.

  1. Smoking

If you’re a smoker and smoke inside the property, this can be off putting to buyers, especially if they don’t smoke. Take this into consideration especially if you have a viewing booked.

  1. Advertising

We’ve mentioned it before, but it is so important! Make sure your home is advertised on all major portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. Also make sure you check the listing and the agent has highlighted the best features!

  1. Timing

We’ll sell properties all year round, however sometimes selling a property in the summer may have benefits, especially if the garden is the main feature of the property.

  1. Photography

Again, check your listing!  High quality images are vital in having a lot of booked viewings. Does your property look the best it possibly could?

  1. Location

The crime rate and other factors in your area could put buyers off. While this can be hard to ignore, try informing buyers with all of the positives of the area.

  1. Modernity

We live in an age where smart devices are a dime a dozen, so if your home is still using old appliances, the millennials will not be interested.

  1. Honesty

Always be open and transparent with any questions. Honesty goes a long way in selling your property!

  1. First Impressions

We’ve mentioned it before, nail the first impression and your almost there!

  1. Space

Does your property truly showcase the space it has to offer? Try and store bulky furniture or items that you don’t need. Buyers always look for space!

Your agent should talk these through prior to selling, to ensure all first impressions are great! If you’re currently struggling to sell, we’d love to hear from you! Call us on 01332 202029 for a free consultation.