DEPOSIT                                      5 WEEKS RENTAL VALUE (PROTECTED BY THE DPS)


TENANT REFERENCE REQUEST FEE                    £15      (PER TENANT)


TENANT KEY CUT                                £10      (PER DOOR)


When you apply for a property, this does not constitute an agreement that you are guaranteed to be accepted for the property. Applications are subject to referencing and then subject to the landlord’s approval.

Your referencing may fail on the following:

Not having a full time contract

Agency workers will fail, unless there is a full time contract with the agency

Not fulfilling your current tenancy (leaving earlier than your written obligation)

Being paid cash in hand from your employer and not through the bank

Landlords discretion (landlord may choose another applicant, or simply decline your application based on the information provided)

Having a CCJ or other historic adverse credit issues that show on your credit report

A low credit score

A bad reference from your previous landlord (late payments, didn’t look after the property, etc)

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other reasons on why your application may fail.

The landlord also makes the final decision on approving an applicant to progress forward with a tenancy.

An application fee is non-refundable. The application fee only becomes refundable if you successfully pass your reference checks and the property is let to another applicant. Please note: £50 will still be deducted from your refund amount (with or without the assistance of Streets Ahead Estates Ltd).

Half of your application fee will be refunded if reference checks are not passed successfully and/or failed for any reason. If a guarantor is required, Streets Ahead Estates reserve the right to charge £75 for the additional guarantor reference.

If you withdraw your interest in the property for any given reason, the application fee and other any funds received by Streets Ahead Estates Ltd will not be refunded in any circumstance.