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24 Tips When Selling Your Property

24 Things To Change To Help Sell Your Property

You’ve decided to sell your house and are excited to put it on the market, only to then be faced with a the biggest issue a vendor can face; the property is not selling. Here’s 25 tips on what we think you can chance to help you achieve that all important asking price.

  1. Asking Price

Price is the number 1 factor in houses not selling. Is your home overpriced? Has it been over valued? Get a second opinion from another agent to see what they think

  1. Lighting

First impressions count! Does your home let in natural light? If not, make sure your lights are on during viewings! A dark property can seem dull and a little uninviting.

  1. Estate Agent

With so many agents to choose from, trying to find the right estate agent can be difficult. An agent that isn’t proactive will really stall your sale. Do they advertise on all major portals? Do they provide you with regular feedback? Have they offered you advice on making the property more presentable for viewings?

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