As experienced landlords, we can help with tenant evictions

If the property is managed by us, chances are you won’t ever need us to evict a tenant. However, if you manage the property yourself, or another agent manages the property and you have a problem tenant, we can help. Please read on for ways we can help you with evicting your tenant.

Need to serve your tenants notice?

If you need to serve your tenant notice, but don’t know how, we can do this for you. We can either prepare a Section 21 or a Section 8 notice and hand deliver this to your tenant. As all cases are different, please call for prices (fees will never exceed £100 for serving a notice – and if we manage the property already, we serve notices completely free of charge).

Possession Orders & Bailiff Warrants

Our agents are trained to file the paperwork for a possession order and a bailiff warrant. We’re regularly contacted by private landlords with problem tenants and have a 100% eviction record.
Currently, the Derby Combined Court Centre charge £355 to file a possession order and £125 to file a Bailiff Warrant. These are fees payable to the court and can’t be avoided. Depending on the situation with your tenant, our fees for carrying out the specialist work are very competitive.

Agent Intervention

Sometimes a problem tenant may take advantage of a private landlord. Once a company is involved, tenants tend to change their stance as they’re aware companies are a lot more rigid and have the resources to carry out an eviction. Streets Ahead Estates are happy to speak to your tenant to warn them about the seriousness of being evicted.

Free Consultation

We understand tenant evictions can be stressful and leave landlords asking for answers. Every eviction is different, so we’re happy to provide a free consultation to landlords in situations such as these, as to what steps you can take to recover your property back and how we can help. We can also talk about the future of your property and how can Rent Guarantee Insurance can protect you from rent arrears and the added cost and hassle of evicting a tenant.

We’d love to hear from you. If you require some more information, we have a friendly team of experts ready to help. Please call us on 01332 202029 or fill in the form below and we’ll call you!