We can guarantee your rent will always be paid!

Streets Ahead Estates offer a rent guarantee cover for just £150 a year, protecting landlords from rent arrears and non payment of rent.

Be Prepared

Sometimes tenants can face hardships, maybe they’ve lost their job, or recently split from their partner, maybe the tenant has fallen into ill health. Sometimes tenants may simply just refuse to pay the rent. As landlords for over 25 years, we’ve experienced it all. These unpredictable situations can result in tenants facing financial hardship which can result in landlords to lose thousands of pounds in rent.

Your rent guaranteed every month!

For a one off fee of £150, you are guaranteed to be paid your rent, whether the tenant pays or not. Not only this, but there is no excess to pay and as the insurance is taken out on the tenant, so claiming on the cover does not put your premium up or affect any other insurances you have.

Legal Fees Covered

Not only does the Rent Guarantee pay you your rent arrears, it also covers legal fees for the eviction of the tenant, saving you thousands of pounds on top of lost rent.
Currently over 85% of our landlords have this cover and being landlords ourselves, we also have the cover in place, as for a small annual fee it really does provide security and reassurance.

Protect your Investment

We’ve searched far and wide and found what we believe to be the best Rent Guarantee cover there is. As a smart investor, rent guarantee cover is what we believe to be a ‘no brainier’.
We understand the time, effort and investment that goes into finding the right buy to let property. We’ll protect your investment and guarantee that your rent will be paid.

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