Ashwin Kang

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Ashwin Kang is a Business Partner and Manager of Streets Ahead Estates of both the Lettings and Sales Division.

Ashwin spends his time building Streets Ahead Estates and managing day to day affairs, along with the development of the Brand, Marketing and Business Strategy. Ashwin has over 12 years’ experience in business and over 7 years’ experience in property, including Residential Sales, Commercial Sales, Residential Lettings, Commercial Lettings and Property Management. Ashwin is also one of the Senior Property Valuers…

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Managing Director
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A landlord of over 25 years standing and Eviction Specialist, Taj has become well respected in the Property Circles. He has featured on local radio numerous times, been featured in the newspapers and has been on national television. Taj has mentored a number of investors in property, who have all gone on to replicate his success.

After parting with the Corporate World, Taj set up his own property company 2004. Having purchased his first property in 1989, Taj has grown…

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